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Hello, it's me

I am a metrics-driven creative who is passionate about helping brands communicate their story in an authentically human way within a digital space.

Digital Marketing

As a creative storyteller and internet nerd at heart, digital marketing is a natural pairing of passions for me. I thrive on the challenge of staying on the leading edge of the rapidly changing digital landscape and helping brands connect with customers in a powerful human way online.

Web Design

There is nothing quite like the thrill of taking a brand identity and bringing it's home to life online. I love to search out the integral balance of form and function in every project, resulting in beautiful web experiences that take people on a clear and direct journey to the heart of every brand's purpose.

Brand Identity

There is a lot of noise today, so it is more important than ever for brands to have a strong and clear understanding of who they are and what their purpose is. Getting to the heart of each brand's story and translating that through visual design and strategic messaging is a most welcomed challenge.

These are my thoughts in blog form.


Why I Cry All The Time

Most things make me cry these days. I feel like having a kid does that to you. I find myself clingin[...]

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Meet #MyTallulahGeorge

  A few months back, our Richardson clan sadly lost one of our own. Macey was such a gift for 6.5 not-long-enough years and lead me to firmly believe that pets will surely be playing around in heaven with us because… man. She sure knew how to speak to the heart. We miss her always […]

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Brand Identity: STAT Wellness

  What do you get when you mix together health, wellness, femininity, empowerment, and all around bad-assness? Kristin Corbin of STAT Wellness, that’s what.┬áSometimes you get to work with clients who really inspire you and i’m so thankful that Kristin is one of those.   As you may know, time is quite limited in the […]

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