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January 8th, 2016

We Ain’t Plastic / Vyacheslav Dronov / Troy Grover


It’s Friday, y’all. Get down with your bad self.


This week I have been in web design land from morning to night as we kick off a few clients at Marketwake, so I thought I would share a few websites that I stumbled upon and dropped my durn jaw.


The thing I love most about web design is that there is so much to draw from each and every design. Good, bad, and ugly. It could be an “Oooo I love what they did here” or “Dear Lord that was a bad choice” situation, but there are always elements to take away. Even when I stumble across a site whose brand or aesthetic is very far from the client that I may have in mind, there are structural implications, choices for user flow, and design elements that help me grow and expand my mind as a web designer.


The three designs I am spotlighting today had this kind of magic that helped expand my horizons as a designer. They are not only completely delicious to look at (aoooooga), but each has a very sharp, clean, and direct flow and purpose.


Feast your eyes on these puppies, and have a great weekend!


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