June 11th, 2014

If you guys are following me on Instagram @maddieblogs, then you will know that the past couple of weeks for me have been stocked full of flights and hotel stays.
For my job, there are 2 times a year where I get the privilege of traveling with a small creative team of amazing women, as we stage and design showrooms for our new product releases. This is REALLY fun and REALLY exhausting work, both mentally and physically. So, there are a few things I always carry with me while I travel, to ensure that I stay healthy, comfortable, and sane. 
Let’s be honest. I don’t own andy Michael Kors flats. I guess I am not that much of an adult just yet. However, I do always keep a pointy pair of flats with me. As a huge supported of traveling in style, pointy toed flats are perfect for airport walking, an evening out, or a casual lunch. They also fit perfectly into a suitcase or carry on, and it is VERY hard to find a pair of these puppies that doesn’t go with every. single. outfit.
I purchased this very laptop carrier case about a year ago from ETOIDesign, and I still am absolutely in love with it. I love that it keeps my laptop really safe (I don’t have to be afraid of bumping and bruising it while dragging it on planes, trains, and automobiles) but is also not bulky. I can either slip this entire case into my luggage (if I don’t need it for the plane ride) or I can carry it over my shoulder and NOT knock passengers on the elbows as I walk down the NARROW-AS-ALL-GET-OUT plane aisle. This particular case is really sturdy, and doesn’t show dirt easily. Check! Check!
This puppy works with EVERY outfit for ANY occasion. Pair it with leggings for the slouchy early morning flight, or tie it up around your waist over a maxi dress for a breezy dinner out. The infamous chambray shirt seriously is every travelers best friend. I got mine from Target. And I have worn it to bits. 
I find that it is really important to have a time to myself where I outwardly process my thoughts from the day, while I am traveling. At home, I can sit on the couch with Burley and spill my guts, or I can get a glass of wine with a girlfriend… I am usually going to tell someone about my day, my thoughts, my emotions, at some point. While I am traveling, there is not always a slotted time to process through my thoughts and emotions, so I always keep a notebook with me to journal, dream, write, and just process things. My favorite lately have been these precious Rifle Paper Co notebooks that you can buy in a 3 pack at Target for under $12 bucks. I am not seeing them online, but I found them in the handy dandy gift aisle near the greeting cards. And yes… I bought them out of the gift aisle… As a gift… for myself. 
After a really long day, I may not always want to take a shower before dinner (the couch and TV in my room usually look much more appealing at this point), but I do like to remind myself that I am not only a human, but a lady. So, that’s when I slap on the lipstick. Instant. Satisfaction. I think that my “shmancy” points skyrocket a good 84 points simply with the application of a good, feminine, lip tint. Lately, I have been loving Covergirl’s Fairytale 405 color. Perfect for my sun kissed summer complexion. I find this lipstick to also be really moisturizing, so I don’t feel like my lips have to be primed and prepped before a quick application.
And there you have it! My thoughts behind some of my favorite travel necessities.
I hope you guys are having an out of this world hump day.

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