Thoughts on Blogging + This New Look

December 16th, 2013

2013. Pretty much come and gone.
How does that happen?!
I have been thinking so much on the year past, and specifically this weekend, mostly about this here blog.

Ever since I started my new job back in September, I have been focusing so much of my creative energies there. And it feels good. Really good. (quote? anyone? 2 points if you’re with me).

Needless to say, I have felt like my creative juices for the blog have been a little bit less than stellar.
Even though me, myself, I have been feeling the inspiration of creativity more than ever.

This weekend I spent a lot of time figuring out how I would navigate the blog, and this awesome on line community in the coming year. Because, my love for blogging, and sharing with you, and getting to know you guys as well, is only growing to be honest. Even though, the frequency of my posts has mildly dwindled.

Who knew if I wasn’t at home in my pjs all day, that I would feel like I didn’t have enough time to blog? Hmph.

Well… My thought process brought me to the following place.


1 // For me, first and foremost, I absolutely love writing. I didn’t really know this about myself until I started blogging. But now, I miss it when I don’t do it.

2 // I love curating lots of ideas into one space. To me, I feel most satisfied when my writing, photography, design, and interaction all combine together to create one AMAZING post (or week of posts) on the blog. Does this make sense? I just love having this space that is full of works of art (no matter how impressive or non-impressive). All kinds of beauty, ever-changing because I am too. It’s such an accomplishment to me, and a true reflection of my creative process over the past few year.

3 // I LOVE getting to know people that I wouldn’t know otherwise. This came as a shock to me. When I got into blogging, I didn’t really get this piece of it. To be honest, I was kind of reluctant about it. But now, my field of inspiration and wisdom and friendship is far broader than I could have ever achieved without the blogging community.

And that is really what it all boils down to for me. So, in looking at this, I started thinking to myself… What do I change to stay true to these things, and forget wasting my time with the rest?

Well… Like in most areas of my life, I started organizing before I got to the actual task at hand.
So I re-design the blog hahaha.
I have been thinking of this design for a long time now, I just haven’t had a second to do it.
But, when Burley left town for a bachelors party this weekend, I thought…. Let’s do this, me.

So I did. And now I feel organized. And I feel like I have this wide open space to write.
And this brand new slate to deal with.
And that is invigorating.

So, this coming year, I can promise that you are going to be reading a lot more stories. Diving a bit deeper into my life and thoughts and heart on a lot of different matters.
You will be seeing less “DIY” projects, because honestly, I have very little time these days to do much myself. And I am going to stop fighting that, and just roll with it. But, you can still expect cocktail and food recipes because let’s be honest, I always have time for cocktails in food.
You will be learning more about the music I love, and new music I find, because that’s super important to me and my creative process as well. You will also be seeing a  lot more of my design work, because that is a part of my life that has really began to take shape, and it is so rewarding for me to get to share the work I do with this awesome community.

And there you have it.
Some quick vomit in regards to my blog and it’s creative direction.

If you are a blogger, what are your thoughts for 2014? Are you rethinking the direction/content of your blog? Please weigh in!
If you are not a blogger but a faithful reader… What do you think? Any suggestions on what you would like to see in 2014?

Now, I am going to go on a hot date with Burley.

Best. Combo. Ever.


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