July 29th, 2014

Do you guys remember when we had Richardson Farms?
Goodness Gracious. I do too.
I miss the ladies of the farm. I miss our veggies. That was a huge part of life satisfaction for me that I not only momentarily gave up when we moved home from Denver, but also when I stopped working from home.
But that momentary lapse of time is now over. Dead and goooooone y’all. 
And this time, Richardson farms is going to be bigger and better than ever.
Not really bigger in size, but in heart. And livestock population.
So are you ready to hear the plan?
OOOOO good I am so glad you said that. 
Because I sketched it out for you.
Q.  My dear Maddie… Why do you want to invest in having goats and chickens, when eggs and milk are relatively inexpensive items to buy at the market?
A. Short answer… I am terrified of hormones. I am pretty sure that everything gives me cancer. I love to do as much as I can to know that I have done as much as I can to keep myself and my family healthy. Also, the process of taking care of farm animals and keeping a garden alive are really rewarding to me. It just feels like how it should be.
Q. Does your drawing above suggest that chickens and goats can roam together? 
A. Oh. My. Gosh. I am so glad you noticed! That is right, my friends. They can! How freakin’ cute are these little animals going to be?! Jumping off of each other. High fiving. Cuddling. Coming up with dance routines. I can’t wait!

Q. Rooftop garden you say? Please explain!
A. Well… The goal is to hopefully (still working out details) create the animals’ shelter to be sturdy enough, well placed enough, and sheltered from the animals enough, that we can actually create raised beds ON TOP of the shelter, vs taking up more space in the yard to do so. Here’s hoping! 
Q. You are going to build your husband a shed/man cave? That’s nice of you!
A. The shed already exists my friends. Happy Birthday Burley.
Q. When are you guys going to start building out?
A. ASAP. We have a lot of projects going on inside the house right now, but we have a potential couple of Nigerian Dwarf kids, headed to our yard in late August (that’s right… BABY GOATS!!! AAAAH!!!). Therefore, we would need to have the shelter and pen all ready to go by the end of next month. Here’s to making miracles happen!! And if anyone deserves a miracle… It’s baby goats.
GREAT questions today, guys! I am so impressed with your eloquence and depth. I hope I answered you well. Stay tuned for more tales from the resurgence of Richardson Farms. 

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