Stitchfix Box #1: Review

April 6th, 2015



Please note that the Stitchfix links in this post are referrral links, meaning I will get a few bucks if you join like I did. However, I am in no way affiliated with Stitchfix, and this post is completely inspired by me and my own sentiments.
No one at their company has any idea I am writing this and probably never will.


I have been wanting to join the Stitchfix bandwagon for a while now, but once I found I was pregnant last year, had to hold off (since they didn’t have their awesome maternity fixes at that point). So, 2 weeks ago I posted that I finally received my first box and was OVER THE MOON to tear it open.
Many of you were really excited to see what came in saidStitchfix box.
Ask and you shall receive my friends.


My opinions on this first box were so-so. I think I would give it a 5 out of 10 for the first go-round.
However, this wasn’t really Stitchfix’s fault. I will say that my Style Pinterest board had not been updated in many moons, and I know that what goes in your boxes has a LOT to do with your Pinterest style. I also have a lovely post-pregnancy body right now, which I know how to shop for, but know that someone else may have a hard time fitting. So I found that a lot of items fit snuggly around my mid-section which as you may imagine, isn’t the most flattering.


For those two reasons, I wasn’t super surprised that the first box wasn’t a home run. However, I gave LOTS of feedback on every item that I received, and also updated my Pinterest Style board so that my stylist would have more to work with next time. I am really optimistic about my next box, showing up on the 16th!




I will say that the statement necklace and the cardigan that I received, definitely hit my style head on. I couldn’t resist either, and have therefore worn both pieces almost every day since. A thaaaaaank ya. In other news, I promise that I will bet getting back to taking outfit photos someday in the near future, when I figure out how exactly to make this happen. My stealthy backyard photoshoots are just not so easy anymore while balancing a baby and a dog… And I am learning how to get more comfortable having Burley take my photos in public. The last couple of Instagram shoots we did, didn’t result in a fight, so I would say that is progress, y’all. I am thinking that my next Stitchfix box will be a good time to push myself out of my comfort zone and do a mini photoshoot in public… You agree?


So… Now it’s your turn! If you are one of the many ladies who hates the ritual of shopping, or if you are like me and need a few pieces to refresh your spring wardrobe but just don’t have the time to get out there and look, you can try Stitchfix out for one month FREE. Yup. No questions asked. And if you are wondering, I will again say that I am in no way working with Stitchfix… They have no idea I am writing this post… These are my sincere sentiments.


Have fun and let me know how it works for you!


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