A Squishy Baby Photoshoot

February 18th, 2015



Full disclosure. I just spent about 30 minutes of Benjamin’s nap time writing a beautiful post on my amazing community, how much they have been there for me during these first 2 weeks of B’s life, and how much I am blessed to be surrounded by my neighbors.
Then, the little computer gnomes came and erased it after I hit the “Publish” button.
I said a few choice words, told my husband not to try and help me PLEASE I am dealing with a CRISIS.


Then I calmed down and re-loaded these photos.


Here is the synopsis:

My neighbors are amazing. They have taken incredible care of my family since Benjamin rocked our worlds 2 weeks ago. One of my neighbors even offered to do this photoshoot for us, without prompting. I am forever grateful for them. And on another day, when my nap time clock isn’t ticking, I will again shout their praises in detail and copy that s**** before I do something as crazy as going to hit “Publish.”


Here are a few more words on this photoshoot:

I am so smitten with what this photoshoot captures. Our 8 day old baby (who will someday be our oldest son and most distant child from baby-hood). His squishy face. His perfect eyes, still puffy and blue. His scrunchy hands and legs that barely fit in his newborn clothes. I can smell his angel kissed head just looking at him here. I love that I am wearing the sweater I wore through most of my first pregnancy (thanks to the recommendation of the beautiful Aubrey who ROCKED her maternity fashion so much so that I bought most everything she suggested). I love that you can see our bedroom fireplace, our white leather couch, our full-sized bed that we have had since we got married. I love that someday I will think we look so young, and yet today I feel that we look older than we ever had (in the most beautiful way possible). And… We do. I love that when I look at B’s face here, I have no idea who he will be, what he will look like, what his voice will sound like… But some day looking back I will see the beginnings here that I didn’t even knew existed.
I am so smitten with this photoshoot.


From the bottom of my heart… Thank you, Becca, for capturing so much goodness here. Your talent is undeniable, and I am so blessed by your friendship and willingness to bless others with your gifts.


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