Office Makeover: Before

March 10th, 2015



I have attempted to make a nice workspace for myself and my husband at the last few houses we have lived in, and I feel like I always fall short.
This is not a “whoa is me” situation, more just… confusion. Like… What have I been missing? How am I not able to hit the mark?
No matter what I do, we both end up setting up in the main room of our home, at the biggest table available, and then we go through the tedious task of setting up shop and and breaking it down multiple times per week as we work on projects.


So, in our current home I am going to do my best to break the mold.
Before Benjamin arrived, I found myself with a cluttered back room and a full can of mint paint… If you are a DIYer who is 41 weeks pregnant, this is the perfect recipe to get your mind off things. So I went to town, gave a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, through a bunch in the garbage, and cleaned house… Then of course I painted. Don’t worry… It was non-toxic paint and I had plenty of help actually I did it by myself but I say this to help my Mom sleep at night.


I am currently left with a pretty blank space in the back of my home, and I have been pinning away as I come up with ideas. You can check out my Office Space Pinterest Board if you want to guess what I may have in mind. If you figure out what might be in my mind, please let me know because I currently have 1 million directions I would love to take the office, and haven’t quite nailed it down yet. But it’s coming… Don’t you worry.. It’s coming…


For now, enjoy this look into my bright and cheery empty office of mostly storage, just wishing waiting hoping for a bright and cheery makeover so that she sees some human interaction once in a while (other than when we have to wipe Macey’s paws off after she comes in from the backyard on a rainy day)


Office-Makeover-Before-3 Office-Makeover-Before-2






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