Living Room Progress

August 25th, 2014

I am whole heartedly loving getting settled into this new home.
And besides that one time that I pushed myself to exhaustion by painting my living room in one day, after a long work trip with minimal sleep (with the help of a dear friend of course), I have done an OK job at pacing myself and allowing time for quality nesting vs quick fixes.
Over the past few weeks, the living room has come together quite a bit. It is obviously a work in progress… I am still on the hunt for some beautiful art for the walls and extra storage solutions for when we have baby things everywhere (what?!)… But as for now, Burley and I feel super comfortable curling up on this BEAUTIFUL couch, putting our feet up on this BEAUTIFUL ottoman, and watching TV in our tiny little living room nook.
After much debate, we finally decided on this apartment sized white leather sectional sofa. There are a few places you can find it online. When all was said and done, the sofa and ottoman together were about $650… Can you argue with that? Now, some may rightfully say that white is gutsy (and by some I mean my aunt via Instagram, which made me laugh really hard)… And it is. But here was our thought process…
In realizing that our lives will not just be the two of us for very much longer, we needed to get a couch that would easily clean, but would also offer a good lounging space. It also needed to fit in a small space (when I just typed that I originally wrote “small face” haha), and not feel bulky. To us, that either meant that we would get a sleek mid-century modern type sofa with a busy pattern, which would disguise stains, or a gorgeous white leather sofa, which would allow us to clean stains easily. When all was said and done, this couch had the right price tag, and we really REALLY wanted the benefits of the chaise lounge.
Bonus points? When pushed into the little nook of the couch, the ottoman creates a large bed effect with the couch… Which my mother-in-law has already given the two thumbs up!
So I feel like we really maximized our space and money with this find.
Other than the fresh coat of white paint on the walls, I haven’t purchased anything new for this space… I have simply just moved into it. The Ikea shelves on the wall have followed me through our last two houses without every getting used, so you can bet your bottom dollar I squealed like a pig in mud when they had a perfect home and function on either side of the fire place.
In conclusions, my dear friends, there is still so much potential in this space, but for now, it feels like us, it feels like home, it feels lived in… and that is a victory to me.
FIND THESE ITEMS NOW (some affiliate links):
– White bonded leather sofa sectional (with ottoman) – Amazon
– Retro orange lounge chairs – Yardsale
– Black and White arrowhead Rug – Target last year (only able to find it on Ebay now)
Gold Leaf Print “Mon Cheri” – c/o Luciana M

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