Let’s Catch Up, Love Muffins

May 24th, 2014

I miss you readers.
I have found that I have been rejecting sitting down and writing posts for a few reasons lately.
1) When I feel guilty, I tend to ignore the source of guilt, until I feel that I have the time to fully dedicate to “right”ing whatever “wrong” it may be. Healthy, right? Yup. Ask my husband.
2) I have been rejecting my camera because I rarely get to take photos during good daylight hours. Any hobby photographers hear me on that one? Lighting is obviously one of the main components to composing beautiful images, and when you work 730 – 430 every day… When can you take photos with good light? Am I right? Am I RIGHT?!
Well.. The answer is during the summer when there are many daylight hours… So I am working on this one.
3) I haven’t been cooking, or making delicious cocktails at home too often. And when I do, it’s such a rare occasion for Burley man and I… That I hate to ruin the moment by snapping photos. 
This is real life. 
The cool thing though, that has happened over the last month or so… Is that I have genuinely missed posting regularly. I have genuinely missed interacting with you guys on a daily basis. I have genuinely missed the feeling of scrolling through my posts, and seeing all of the fun drinks Burley and I made last month, or all the fun documented adventures we had. I miss grabbing my cup of coffee in the morning and scrolling through your blogs and catching up on what’s going on all across the world with a million ladies I have never met, but admire and enjoy.
These feelings are really exciting for me, because they confirm that when I started this blog, I wasn’t just looking for something to fill the time. I wasn’t just a slave to the addiction of more followers. I wasn’t just following the millions of people starting blogs at that time. I was genuinely exploring and following a passion that breathes life into my day to day. It’s something that I miss, when it’s not there. It’s something that I am tied to, and feel a pride in.
It’s a really good thing for me.
So, here is my declaration of priority. This blog is a priority for me. Collaborating with and getting to know you is a priority for me. Sharing skills, stories, laughs, etc… with you is a priority.
This crazy community is a priority for me.

So where do I start diving back in?
That’s a great question.
Seriously… Any of you 9 – 5’rs have good tips? I feel like I seriously have 0 idea how to dive back into daily posts that are genuinely filled with things that are me, when so much of what I do is for another brand.
But, I am committed to learning. So, consider this an open forum. What do you guys think?
If you are a blogger, have you struggled with the same hurdles?
If you aren’t a blogger, what keeps you coming back? What do you miss?
Let’s get real, folks.
Also, This podcast really inspired me to dive back in and explore my personal creative passions, even if I am being creatively stretched at work as well. I have followed Elise for years, and she is a constant source of equal amounts of real encouragement as well as the “how does she do it all” factor. High fives, Elise. High fives.

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