Home Tour at Christmas Time

December 14th, 2014


I think that I know more than ever now, that you can clean up and decorate and settle into a house as much as you want, but it only becomes a home as you fill it with memories and people you love. Cheesy? yes. True? Hell yes.


Since Thanksgiving, Burley and I have had the honor of hosting our families in this house. And super special 30th celebrations. And really amazing date nights celebrating our last holiday as just the two of us. All memories that I feel really blessed to now have in my bank.


I thought it would be fun today to let you in on a few snapshots of life at home lately. Funny enough, one of the only rooms that is not yet finished is the nursery (but I’m getting there… I promise!)… So you will have to wait just a bit longer for that sucker.


Last Sunday at church, our pastor talked a lot about home… And what that means during the Christmas season. I thought it was a really interesting discussion because Burley and I get extremely nostalgic and almost homesick this time of year, no fail. No matter how at home we feel, it hits us Every. Single. Year. And I know that the holidays drum up so much emotion and memories and things like that… But I was finding it hard to believe that it didn’t go deeper than that. And then, there we were. Sitting at church. Listening to how Christ chose to leave his home in heaven, make his home on earth, only to be called home again. A homesick God.


On this third Sunday of Advent I am reflecting on home… What that means to me. What it means to my family. What it means to¬† jesus. How they all intertwine. How Christ’s heavenly home is present in my own. How maybe… Just maybe… I am so inclined to make a home of my own on earth because it is the One thing I long for the most in heaven. Maybe it’s my way of bringing heaven to earth in small ways for my little family. My tiny place on earth. That makes me love this place we have made… Because it’s a place to find all of the joy and peace that I long for from heaven.


That is a lot of home talk… but there you have it. It’s what’s on my mind. And wouldn’t you know it’s not the blog post I set out to write today… But isn’t that just the way it goes sometimes?


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