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January 20th, 2015



CLICK HERE to download the Free “Plan of Attack” Editorial Blog Planner


This weekend I had one of those moments where I really wanted to invest in a mother load of organizational tools.


I almost dug into my design money to splurge on a myriad of cute gold staplers, tape dispensers shaped like bull dogs, an oversized wall calendar shaped like a map of the world, A stack of 365 mini notebooks so that I can chronicle my thoughts and ideas from each day this year… You know… The important things. However, I am trying to teach myself not to respond to these types of impulses as often as I used to. So… Instead I decided that I would make a few things that would help me organize my thoughts and home, but on the cheap.


One of the most fun was this printable weekly blog planner. Last year I used Google Calendar as my main source of blog editorial scheduling, but for me, I don’t think it was a good fit overall. I surprisingly don’t use Google Calendar very often for the rest of my life, so I think it ended up just being too far removed from my norm to prove itself to be useful. Also, seeing my schedule electronically, for some reason, didn’t inspire me and hold me accountable the same way that a written planner had once helped me in the same area.


So this year, I am back to the hand-written methodology. For my main planner (personal, blog, and design shchedules) I went with the Sugar Paper Kraft and Gold Polka Dot 2015 Planner. I am happy to say that it is already full of scratched off posts complete, random thoughts boxed off in corners, and ideas for fun photoshoots, recipes, etc… running off the pages. I feel really good about this purchase.


On top of my main planner, I always have a separate method to plan out my blog right down to the nitty gritty take pictures on this day… Edit content on this day… Promote post on this day… Plan an awesome giveaway on this day…. and this year, I created that method on my own rather than purchasing a thing! This was a great decision because I was able to build-in EXACTLY what I need to keep me inspired and on the ball.


And lucky you… Today I am sharing my new printable blog planning sheets for free!!
So, if you are in the market for streamlining your blogging process in 2015, like me, I hope that you find these suckers useful.


Let me know what you think in the comments below!


CLICK HERE to download the Free “Plan of Attack” Editorial Blog Planner







CLICK HERE to download the¬†Free “Plan of Attack” Editorial Blog Planner


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