November 3rd, 2013

Happy Monday, dear friends!
Today I am offering an exciting 1 day sale on sidebar ads… And also my thoughts on organic blog growth.

To be completely honest with you… I have been giving 0 effort in the realm of sidebar ads as of late. I currently owe Amanda K by the Bay a giveaway (coming this Wednesday). That was a looooooot of rhyming. Whoa.
But, other than that, I have really been unenthused when it comes to the whole idea of having sponsors on the blog. Mostly because, I have been struggling with coming up with the BEST way to support you, give you value for the money you spend on ads, and help you grow your blog organically.

So, over the weekend, I gave this idea some thought.

When I first started blogging, I was OBSESSED with sidebar ads. I was always trading with my blog pals that were trying to grow their blogs, just like me. I was always looking for new bigger blogs that I could sponsor to increase my readership and find new friends in blogland. But, somewhere along the line, I kind of lost focus on this a bit. But the truth of the matter is, I still want to find new friends! I still want to find new blogs and get back to a major part of blogging that I haven’t really stayed focused on.. And that is supporting and expanding my awesome blog community.

I do believe that there has been a powerful shift in how I (and we) go about doing this.

Today, I find MOST of the new blogs that I follow via an Instagram share… or a tweet that ANOTHER blogger I know and trust, shares… And I think “Oh, that’s funny!” or “Sweet scarf, who is that?”… Organic blog growth. Following by choice. Following because I am interested, not because i have inspected how many followers a blog has and how many sidebar ads they have and how many times a week they post and blah blah blah.

So… I have revamped my sidebar sponsorships a bit. I still think that sidebars are important (I DO still click through ads if I think they look interesting enough). But, instead of doing sponsored or featured posts, I am offering social media shout outs. Organic sharing of the material I find on your blog that I think is interesting. Or just something funny you tweet tomorrow. Either way, I think that in this stage of the game, this is the most valuable way for me to help you find new friends through this here blog.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on sidebar ads and featured/sponsored posts these days? Have they changed from 6 months ago when I shared this survey?

In excitement for these new changes, TODAY ONLY I am offering 50% off all sidebar ads.
You can click below or head on over to my sponsor page to sign up using coupon code FLASHME.
Hahaha. That made me laugh really hard.

Make sure you sign up today, friends! And I’ll see you out on the social media interwebs…

PS: Erin over at Living in Yellow also wrote a really great post on sponsorships back in September. If you want to read further, you should check it out!


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