June 16th, 2014

At church last night, our pastor brought up a really interesting point. It was a quick and brief point, but it hit my heart in one of those ton-of-bricks moments.

Holidays are a difficult beast. The promoted celebration alone of something specific, wether it be mothers or fathers or bunnies or birth… is beautiful. But, holidays, especially as we get older, can also become really hard. They start to bring to light things that are gone. Memories, which can often times be painful. Relationships that are broken. Those that have passed. I never knew this about holidays… until recent years.

Now I know why Auld Lang Syne always made me over-emotional even as a child. Those who wrote it must have known what I know a sliver of now. Celebration will most likely forever be accompanied by a glimmer of sadness. A remembrance of things past, which encompasses both the good and the really hard.

Don’t misunderstand me here… I don’t see this as a bad thing at all. It’s just a new thing for me. Life itself is full of this juxtaposing beautiful mystery. The early morning light is most beautiful because it comes after a night of darkness. The selfless goodness of a stranger is so refreshing because it comes after many interactions with those who only seem to care about themselves. The release of joy and happiness is many times only as potent as the pain that it follows. Good and bad. Happy and sad. Beauty and ashes. They make each other work. One is not as strong without the other.

So as I recover from father’s day… I think about loss. I think about gratitude. I think about being thankful I was brought into this world, and thankful for those that brought me into it. I think about the past and the future, and how starkly different life is than I expected it to be. I think about all those that are lost or fatherless. I think about those who have deep scars because of their fathers. I think about fathers who have deep scars themselves. And my heart is broken as I pray for healing from it all.
I am then overwhelmed by thankfulness that it doesn’t stop here. That a heavenly father is at the end of the day, only a heavenly father. I am whisked away by peace that surpasses understanding as I am continually called daughter over and over again by the King of Heaven.

At the end of the day, life is complicated. Matters of the heart are complicated. Relationships are complicated.

But God’s love for me and you is not. It is honest and steady and forever.
It is simple and huge.
It’s good and unfailing.

So wether you started today on a mountain because you celebrated the hell out of your amazing dad yesterday, or if you are starting this Monday in a valley because yesterday was a really difficult day for you… Let’s just agree that it was father’s day… For all that it is. And be thankful for being alive, which most likely means that somewhere along the line, your dad helped you out somehow :)


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