DIY: Patron Bottle Hanging Aquariums

July 17th, 2015

World Meet Pat and Ron. Pat and Ron Meet world (Pat featured above… Or maybe Ron… I am not sure. I have been really excited to make this introduction So glad the day is finally come.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my favorite things happened. Someone from a very awesome and delicious tequila company told me that they liked me and wanted to send me some awesome and delicious tequila. They didn’t have to ask me twice.

And that’s when my relationship with Patron Tequila turned into this real-life relationship with the two cutest goldfish on the block.

Patron requested that I upcycle their bottles and do something fun with them. I was very much up for the challenge. Anything that combines cocktails and DIYs is a sure win in my book.

So first I went into the discovery phase I had so many thoughts about what I could create with these bottles. My main goal for this project was to create maximum transformation with a novice skillset so that anyone and their mother could replicate this project themselves.

Also I’ve been really excited to get Benjamin his first fish friends. So that worked out well too!
So, without further rambling, here is how the Patron bottle hanging aquariums came to be!


2 Empty bottles of Patron (so maybe you should start by throwing a margarita party)

2 Cups of aquarium sand

2 Aquarium Plants (we used Echinodorus Aquartica… Try and say that 3 times fast)

2 Precious gold fish (small enough to fit through the opening)

25ft Copper Wire

2 Vinyl coated cup/mug hooks (and drywall or plaster screws, depending upon what material your ceiling is composed of)

Wire Cutters



1. First you need to remove the labeling from the bottles. Luckily, Patron uses stickers that are easily removed for the most part and don’t leave much residue. That made this job really really easy for me which I appreciate it.

2. Next you want to start adding the basic of the aquarium. I added about 1 cup of aquarium sand to the bottom of each bottle. I used a homemade funnel from rolling up computer paper (very advanced… Make sure you are 18 years or older). Then, I filled each bottle with water up until about an inch below the bottle neck (making sure to leave room for air to come and go)



3. Next, I added the stars of the show… Pat and Ron!!! They each got their only little home and by the looks of things, they were really loving their new diggs!

4. Once the little guys were in the bottle, I then added the aquarium plants last. I really like these Echinodorus Aquartica because they not only help the water stay oxygenated, but they also allow the aquarium to double as a touch of green/indoor planting feel. Two fish, one stone! (see what I did there?)

5. Lastly, I used wire cutters to separate a 25ft roll of copper wire in half. I then cut THOSE two pieces in half, creating 4 sections of 6.25ft long wire. for each bottle, I wrapped the wire around the bottle neck 3-4 times and then twisted off in a coil fashion. Make sure that the coils of both wires remain on opposite sides of the neck, creating balance for a level final product. I then tied off the wire at the top, and hung from securely fashioned hooks, twisted into the ceiling.


These little guys are now too cool, hanging in my son’s room. They are a great conversation piece for me and my 5 1/2 month old, as well as the cutest little security system to watch over him as he sleeps!


And don’t forget… During any home project that involves the repurposing of Patron Tequila bottles Drink responsibly.


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