DIY Mint + Orange Infused Ice Tea

March 23rd, 2015



I haven’t always been a sweet tea drinker. First off, I was born in Massachusetts, so I didn’t even know what it was until I was a teenager. Second, I always thought it was too sweet. However, when I was pregnant I craved sweet tea on the regs. Also, when I just typed that my original typo said “sweet teat” which is hysterical. Anyways, because my body wanted sweet tea and I didn’t actually like it, I decided to start making my own.


This recipe is super simple,Not TOO sweet, and perfectly refreshing to keep in your fridge for a mid-day pick me up. I think this is a recurring theme with me (see: Iced Coffee Recipe, Sazerac Instagram…). Should we be concerned? Eh… Let’s move on.



Lipton tea bags

1 1/2 Cup of Sugar

2 Oranges (1 to use for garnish)

2 Handfuls of fresh mint (some to use for garnish)

1 Tray of Ice (or 3 cups if you are cooler than me and don’t use ice trays)


First, you will want to make your tea as directed on the box.This will vary depending on the size of tea bags that you buy. I usually buy the box with large tea bags so I will boil 8 cups of water, and use 4 large tea bags for steeping in a regular 2 qt pitcher.


So… If you are smart enough to learn how to boil water (muhaha)… You will then need to do the following…

When you go to add the tea bags, you will also want to add the rind of 1 orange and a handful of mint sprigs. Let them steep with the tea bags for about 10 minutes.


Once everything is done steeping, remove the tea bags, orange rind, and mint, and mix in your sugar.

Pour this entire thing over ice in your pitcher, and stick it in the fridge to cool. Boom.


Garnish each serving with a slice of fresh orange, and add a fresh sprig of mint… And you, my friend, have a delicious, refreshing, and simple treat to sip on throughout your week!











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