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April 22nd, 2015



Ahhhhhh. A place to call my own. *sigh of relief*


As I have mentioned before, living in a craftsman style home has so many pros… of the most important being lots and lots of beautiful character. However, the major downside that Burley and I have experienced over and over again is the lack of storage space. In our home right now we literally have 2 very small closets (maybe 4ft wide and 3ft deep on a good day). That’s right. 4 bedrooms and 2 very small closets. So as I mentioned before, craftsman style homes have many cons. I mean pros.


With this in mind… One room that I very rarely mention on the blog or show on Instagram is our bedroom. Our bedroom, though it does the job (it has our bed in it)… it lacks any storage whatsoever… So Burley and I try and get all of our organizational business done with some old school dressers, and let’s just say that their cups runneth over… Usually into piles and baskets on the floor. This method of organizationlessness has been killing me for so long, until I saw this tutorial one day.


You may be thinking… Didn’t you make a gilded wardrobe organizer not too long ago? Yes. You would be right. However, since then our lovely sister has come to stay with us and our guest room is occupied for the time being (we are so pumped to have her here)… So that closet is being used for other purposes.

When I saw that Anna of In Honor of Design created this beautiful garment rack in her home, I immediately knew that it would be the perfect way for me to finally accomplish the organization that I have needed in my bedroom for so long, as well as help me slim down my wardrobe, leaving only the essentials.





Wood for the base of the rack
2 – 1 x 6in boards
3 – 3/4in x 5ft black pipe
2 – 3/4in 90 degree black pipe elbow
2 – 3/4in threaded floor flange
1 – box of screws 1 in screws
4 – wheels (I used the swivel caster version from Lowes)
1 – spray paint (I used Rustoleum’s copper spray paint. I couldn’t find it in stores, so I ordered it off of Amazon)
Stain of your choice (I used a walnut stain with poly)
Power drill




To start, you will want to screw the 2 pieces of 1×6 boards together, making sure all sides are flush. I found a beautiful paint grade wood (for cheap!) at lowes. It was about $11/board and had a beautiful almost patchwork wood look. I screwed all of the corners together first, then the two middle sides, and then added screws symmetrically as it felt needed.


Next, I stained the wood and let it dry. I did 2 coats of the stain, since it had poly in it, I wanted to make sure the wood was sealed. Then, I spray painted all of the pipe components with my copper spray (including elbows and flanges). This took some time, as I had to spray one side, let it dry, flip it over, and then spray the other. I also went back and did some side touch-ups after that.





After all of my pieces were prepped, I started to put the rack together. I first measured and screwed on the wheels to the bottom of my freshly stained base. Then, the pipes. The dreaded pipes. It was difficult to get the piping screwed together just right, in order to make sure that it was sturdy enough to hold all of my clothing. So, it did take me a few tries of screwing together, unscrewing, and trying again. Be patient. The result is way worth it.


Once I got all of the piping screwed together properly, I attached the flanges, and had someone hold the pipes while I screwed the flanges into the board. This step needs to be measured and done correctly, or the pipes will not stand straight. Take your time and do it right!









This project is for sure one of those not-too-difficult-but-makes-a-huge-difference projects. The entire cost was about $50 and 100% worth it.
So what do you think… Are you going to give it a try?!

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