Dear Benjamin: 7.5 Months

September 19th, 2015

Son – This post should tell you a lot about how and who I was the first year of your life.

I set out to write you a note every month, and I blinked and 5 months had gone by since the last time I sat down to document how I feel about you and how much you have grown. I hope you can tell by my silence that I feel all the things, and you are growing and learning faster than I can keep up with you.

On the outside?

You are army crawling from one end of the house to the other. You are enamored with every electrical cord you can find (if you turn out to be an electrician… This will be an amazing momento to have, except right now you mostly like eating electricity, not re-wiring it). You love to eat and are a huge fan of anything from avocados to sweet potatoes to bananas and beets. We mix everything with yogurt and squash and you eat it up to the last drop. Every single time. I am sorry in advance for your life long battle with keeping the weight off… Your dad and I’s gene pool kind of set you up for failure in that regard.

You are an adrenaline junky and don’t understand when people rock you vs. shake you, or carry you vs. throwing you as high as possible in the air. I love it and I hate it all at the same time. You went through a phase of clicking your tongue for about a week, and it made everyone in your wake fall to their knees in “baby made me melt” mode… But you stopped doing it. I won’t hold it against you.

You have just started to pull yourself up on the furniture and peek your head over the side of the crib after nap time, reluctantly depending on your wobbly chunky thighs. It kills me in the best way possible.


On the inside?

You are smart. It’s terrifying. You are already telling me “no.” (God bless you). Your mind works so hard that you don’t like to sleep through the night (sometimes I hold it against you). Your big (contrary to popular suspicion) blue eyes take in every sound of my voice, flick of my tongue, movement of my lips, motion of my hands… I can watch it happen and it blows my mind. It also stresses-the-heck out of me to be watched so closely. I am trying really hard to talk without my sometimes-lisp and watch my language (#fail)… And do things slowly so that you can analyze every step it takes for me to take out the vegetable peeler, grab a sweet potato, peel back the outer layer, cube into pieces, throw in a pot, boil the water… And that’s how your tummy gets full.

Everything comes from something or somewhere. Every action and every new thing means something so much bigger and has a bigger reaction than you might understand now. Every word you learn and say will affect every person you meet. Every step you learn to take will take you somewhere big. I know that for sure. Every time you hurt yourself after I have told you not to roll that way or not to crawl there because you will hit your head, you begin to learn consequence. reaction.

You are part of a big. beautiful. story. and your part matters. It causes action. And reaction.

Finally, you make me laugh. Not like “i’m an old lady laughing at a young baby” kind of laugh… but an “I think we’ve known eachother forever and you definitely get my humor” kind of laugh. You are goofy for the sake of me laughing at and with you. You learn what inspires my real, authentic, tears rolling down the cheeks kind of laugh, and you do that over and over.

Sometimes we dance in the kitchen like in the movies, but instead of giggling like other babies you make a low, droaning, goofy eyed noise because you know it gets me every. time. You are funny beyond your years, my dear.

I just can’t wait to watch your talents unfold.


I love you I love you I love you.

Don’t stop growing. But just a little.

But really, don’t stop.

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