Caution: I’m 22.5 weeks pregnant and wearing a romper

September 22nd, 2014

It happened.

I tried on the romper. Burley gave me the A OK.

I wore it for a few hours on Saturday night to the Maiedae Mixer, and it was a hit.


I have to say, there are some down sides (punn intended) to wearing a one piece jumper as a pregnant lady who is sipping a drink all night to avoid awkward pauses in conversation… And that was a bummer.


But other than that, I felt really confident, had SUCH a great time, and feel like the romper was the perfect outfit to accompany an amazing evening meeting lots and lots of new lovely ladies.


I have so many pictures to share with you of details from the evening, coming at you later this week.

Until then… Here are some more pregnant romper photos.

…How else would I introduce this?


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