August 12th, 2014

So here we are at 17 weeks. That still sounds like nothing at all to me, but it’s over 4 months. Which now makes me glance at my stack of baby books and long list of baby names and unpainted baby room and think… “You, my friend, are not prepared in the slightest, for what’s to come”

But alas. Let’s get back to things that matter.

The baby is healthy. We saw him/her move in our ultrasound last week. He/she has a perfectly forming skull and spine. Praise the Lord. He is good.

Things that I expected to happen are happening:
1. My belly is growing. It’s really crazy and fun because it changes every day. I feel pretty in awe of that part of things. It just knows what to do and keeps on doing it. I’m officially in maternity pants and am thoroughly enjoying the forgiving nature of these magica pant creations.

2. I am in love with carbs. They are the only thing that sit perfectly well with me all the time, and that always look enticing to eat. I am working on balancing this out, but man. Carbs are sure delicious. Especially in the form of Ezekiel bread toasted with peanut butter, Annie’s mac and cheese, and whole wheat pasta with anything on it, as long as it includes sauce and parmesan cheese.

3. Nesting… Ah nesting. It’s hard to say whether it is pregnancy, or if it is just the fact that we are in a new home, but man am I have been experiencing a full on nesting attack. It’s a pretty lethal combination for anyone who knows anything about me. I am a home maker through and through, so with a baby on the way, and extra room in this home we plan to be in for a minute, I am making plans and putting them into action rather quickly… Or as quick as my wallet will let me. Burley is pretty annoyed impressed when he comes home after 1 bar shift and I have already painted the room that I was discussing the possibility of painting before he left for work.

Things that I didn’t expect to happen are happening:
1. There is pretty much constant pressure everywhere in my mid-section. I guess this makes sense when you think about your body stretching and expanding by the minute… But I never really thought about the daily “feeling” of being pregnant. It’s a constant reminder to eat well and pray for the little nugget.

2. My husband has been cooking a lot and feeding me all the time. If I had known this was a part of being pregnant, I would have done it a long time ago.

3. I have found that in a time that I anticipated being full of fear, anxiety, and anticipation of what’s to come, I am actually more laid back than my usual self. Burley and I are experiencing so much joy and humor and rejuvination in our relationship… I think this is probably what they call the “calm before the storm,” but I will take it!

Overall, I am really enjoying being pregnant thus far. There is a lot of joy surrounding even the most mundane of days. Always something/someone to look forward to and anticipate. A real gift.

And now… To the mandolin.

My 2nd trimester has also made me buzz with excitement of new things and “just going for it.”
Queue last week’s goat plans.

So… I bought a mandolin.
I have been wanting one for years, and though the next season of my life won’t have hours and hours of practice time built in, I think that it is good to keep my mind expanding and experiencing newness.

I have been learning a few chords, and singing a long.
It was the best money I have spent in a long time.

What are you up to these days? Have you discovered any new talents/skills/hobbies that you want to look into? Any interest in goats or another fun home addition? I would love to hear about it! I need more ideas… :)


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