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January 18th, 2016

For 2016 I was really reluctant to set New Years resolutions. I have gotten really excited about these kinds of things in the past, but rarely take them seriously (for some reason, they never end up falling into the same bucket as “goals” for me), so I often just end up feeling like a failure because I don’t set myself up for actual success.


This year however, I did decided on my “word of the year” and I am making sure that all of the REAL measured goals I set for myself fall into that specific bucket. Maybe I’ll share my word with you soon. ::cliff hanger::


One of the goals for this year is to set aside time to create, and not just curate.


Creative Time vs. Curating Time


I find it so satisfying to curate beautiful posts like last week’s web design inspiration. Something about being able to take all of the things that inspire me throughout the week and put them into a beautifully palatable, edited design and share them with you is something that really brings me joy.


However, being in the “Age of Pinterest” makes this practice very easy, and sometimes even the default for many. I have certainly fallen into that pattern once or twice. In this process of “curation” we lose a really beautiful and integral step as designers, and that is the blank canvas. How often in the past month have I approached a project with a blank canvas? Not often enough. There are a million and one resources and templates out there to help you work “smarter, not harder” but as a designer, this is an extremely slippery slope… At the bottom of which you lose the very thing that makes you a designer in the first place.


Start Creating


I was sitting next to my husband and told him I was going to design something just for my blog readers, and that I wanted him to just throw out a word to inspire my creative process (does it sound like I was trying to hard to channel my inner Picasso? Probably true).  I gave him the slightest direction….



Me: Give me a word. You know, just one word that could inspire me to play around with it. Something simple, like “hello.”

Burley: “Bangarang”

Me: I love you.



Seriously though. Don’t you love him?


So here is my weekend exercise in starting from scratch. My first project in my “create vs. curate” sub-mission for 2016. Simple. Functional. And just for you.


Enjoy, muchachos.


Maddie-Richardson-Free-Desktop-Download-Background-02 Maddie-Richardson-Free-Desktop-Download-Background-03 Maddie-Richardson-Free-Desktop-Download-Background-04


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