Baby Boy’s Nursery Tour

January 26th, 2015



What better way to celebrate being 1 week overdue then with an official tour of baby boy’s nursery?
For me, this space has been SUCH a joy to casually piece together bit by bit. I attacked it far differently from the rest of my life house, where I usually play by the “all at once” rule of thumb. But this room was really really peaceful. And slow. And purposeful… And really a joy.


It started out with a fateful day at Target (which most important moments do) where I found this amazing rug. This would prove to be one of the only purchases I had to make for the room, which is super exciting and feels like a huge accomplishment when I look at the finished product. After I got the rug, the project continued with a late night paint job with the help of one of my best friends (and now neighbor 3 doors down). We white washed the crap out of the walls and fireplace and it started to feel really… really good. There wasn’t much of anything in it but a fresh slate and a splash of many colors on the ground, and that was thrilling.


Then, we slowly started filling it with things from around the house and things that our friends contributed. Our other neighbors donated this gorgeous crib, and their daughter made us the sweetest mobile in all of the land. I repurposed the dresser from our guest room, and my mom did an insane paint job and hardware update on that puppy while she was in town last. We dragged in an arm chair from the office, and organized the closet with some pieces that we brought from our last home but hadn’t put to use yet. Everything in this room felt so personal, so resourceful, so perfect.

Last week I splurged a little on the last few accent pieces I needed to top off the transformation (for now), with the addition of the wicker side table, orange canvas curtains, and these paper star string lights that I didn’t even picture in this post because I actually bought them after I snapped these photos.


I have yet to hang anything on the walls, but I am OK with waiting on that part of the project. I am kind of curious to see what my little guy and I will feel like staring at while we sit and bond for hours, chatting during our late night rendezvous. Will we want to see maps and dream of the world outside? Or hipster whales wearing glasses? Who knows. Only time will tell.


Enjoy a peek around… And be sure to let me know if there is anything I haven’t listed in my sources below that you are curious about!




Area Rug (Similar Here) / Wicker Accent Table / Chair РVintage / Crib РGifted / Curtains / Hanging Planters / Bird Lamp РVintage /  Faux Sheepskin Rug / Distressed Blue Whale (Similar Here) / Paper Star String Lights (not pictured)

























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