10 Things In My Hospital Vag

January 22nd, 2015


The Bag


Did you guys know that the iPhone often auto-corrects vag to bag?

It’s true.

And it makes me laugh hysterically each and every time.


So one thing I never knew before going through this pregnancy process is how much THOUGHT moms-to-be put into their hospital bag. This is surprisingly a really popular conversation, especially if you are a mom-to-be in blogworld. But to be honest, it comes up a lot IRL too! So naturally, I had to do my research to figure out what other mom gurus said are non negotiables when it comes to the magic labor vag bag.


After all of my research, I have concluded that for me… My necessities involve items to make laboring as comfortable as possible… and very little for the actual hospital stay, seeing as our goal is to be at the actual hospital for as little time as possible. And yes… Some type of tinted moisturizer so that I can slightly feel like a pretty lady when we take the infamous first “Family of 3” photo that will live forever in our lives.


And without further ado… Here is what made the cut for me.




ONE // Electric Candles
I am a huge candle lover. Atmosphere is a necessity for me. My go to at home is always this Be Peaceful Candle only available at Target (a splurge I just can’t quit)… But at the hospital, we aren’t allowed to have open flames. Womp womp. So I invested in some electric candles to make sure that there are no fluorescent lights hitting my poor baby’s eyes when he enters the world.


TWO // Bose Wifi Speaker
My father-in-law gifted Burley and I this awesome bluetooth speaker for Christmas. I can’t even tell you much I didn’t know we needed it so badly. We use it literally every day. We can sync up our computers, phones, ipads… Anything with bluetooth. Burley and I are both working on some different playlists for the big day (I know… I guess I need to wrap these up or we will be making them on the way to the hospital!). So this thing will be really important to set the mood, change the mood, center myself, and anything else one needs to do when pushing a human life out of their vag bag.


THREE & FOUR // Robe & Nighty
I bought this pair about 2 weeks ago and I am embarassed to say I have probably been spotted wearing this 10 days out of the last 14. The combo is heavenly for a big belly. I bought them with labor and the hospital in mind (my midwives suggested not getting stuck in a hospital gown). The scoop neck is very loose so I can quickly move to breastfeeding with it if need be, and the fabric is super comfortable. I don’t know what else to say except that these are staples I wish I had purchased a long long time ago.


FIVE // Lip Balm
My sister gave me this organic lip balm as part of my Christmas gift this year (I know… I was way behind the 8ball on this one) and I have been a bit obsessed with it ever since. I don’t even understand why I get so much satisfaction when I put it on, but these product developers knew what they were doing in a big way. Burley, on the other hand, won’t go near the stuff and says it’s very uncomfortable for a man to use (this made me laugh a lot). So it’s even spouse steal proof, which is another huge bonus. Nonetheless, I can only imagine that a good hit of mint chapstick during labor could feel oh so gooooood.


SIX // Excercise Ball
I have been using this excercise ball at home during these past few weeks, to prepare myself for labor and to help our little guy get into the right position for when the time comes. Yes, I even brought it to my neighbor’s house last night while we caught up on the bachelor for 3 hours. There also may or may not have been a glass of wine in my hand as well. You decide.
Many friends and my doula have all advised me that it may also be really helpful to have handy during labor, so I am bringing the ball people. I am bringing the ball.


SEVEN // Nursing Bralette (similar here)
Well… I will be nursing… So I guess I am going to need one of these right? I have purchased a few bras that I anticipate being really comfortable so far including this one and these guys, but whose to say which ones I will end up loving when the time comes! I will be sure to keep you posted if you are curious.


EIGHT // Heating Pad (Similar here)
I have used this sucker a lot during these last few weeks of pregnancy. Lower back issues? Put a heating pad on it. Braxton Hicks? Put a heating pad on it. Dog looks cold sitting next to you on the couch? Put a heating pad on it. My midwives and doula have also told me that this will be really nice to have during labor as well, so guess where it’s going? In the vag bag.


NINE // Tinted Moisturizer
Who knows if I will actually end up using this stuff. However, I would rather have it handy than want it and not have it around, you know? Maybe the new mother glow will shine through and this will be a mute point, but the vain side of me can’t help but hope that the photo that our son will see for years and years to come, won’t leave me to be remembered as a hot mess.


TEN // Snacks
‘Nuff said. This is going to be hard work. Girls gotta have her snacks.



And that’s all I got. What do you think? Did I do an OK job? If you are a mother or someone who has the inside scoop on some other items that might be helpful… Let me know in the comments below because I am ALL EARS!





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